What is “Enabling Documentation”?

Enabling Documents are all documents that are purposed to drive a human behavior. Such documents may be produced for online- or paper-usage, or for both.

What we audit

Our certified auditors examine your document for design compliance based on a well-known catalogue of human cognitive aspects and behavioral aspects.

The audit will result in a grade which determines weather or not the document can be certified as UX Compliant or not. Below is a visual summary of some of the audit points that must be complied with.

What we do not audit

We do not audit for style, artistic or creative value or “best writing”. Our audits are purely based on human cognitive and behavioral mechanics.

Style and artistic augmentation can be very valuable, but designers must be cautions not to allow their creativity to conflict with UX personae (UX User) behavioral needs

In Industry we will evaluate, and if qualified UX certify the following Industrial documents.


What is the value of a UX certificate?

UX certified documents have passed the usability audit for industrial user documents that are designed to drive any of the above behaviour.
UX Certification means: : A documents that passed the audit will have, by virtue of its content engineering specifications, measurably reduced the risk of a performance error.
Added value: UX engineered user documents:

  • measurably reduce the risk of comprehension errors
  • measurably reduce the risk of behavioral error

Result: Safety has been measurably increased and measurable accident risk reduction is a critical concern for insurance companies.

Interested to evaluate your documentation?

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Submitting Documents for Audits

Before you start, make sure that the content engineers of your documents have already applied the basic principles of UX engineering user documents.

Reason: Documents crafted using classic technical writing practices will not even come close to passing the audit. Check with one of our certified auditors before you submit a document.

After contacting a certified auditor who will approve your document for submission, be sure you also include the following:

Measurable Use Cases
We need at least realistic three use cases, plus at least one “null-hypothesis” use case that illustrates the usability limit.

Measurable UX Personae
One or as many as required.

Purpose statement
This must be professionally crafted and only specify the “why-because” aspects of the document

Scope statement
This must be a statement of measure that shows how far (in scope) as well as the application limit (out of scope).

Certificates will be available late 2018
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We are currently polishing our international certifications and look forward to launch them late 2018

Leave us your email and we will notify you as soon as our international certifications are available for public.

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